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  1. 选择下面任意号码,填入推特手机验证页面中,点击“验证按钮”,注意国家对应:




  2. 逐条以普通短信形式,向所选择号码分条发送如下内容(请务必等几分钟每个步骤之间,以确保Twitter的正确接收邮件:






  3. 到这里其实手机已经验证成功,个别情况下可能有延迟。另外附上官方条款中的验证方法:发送测试Tweet到您的长码数(就像发送普通短信)。然后, 通过网络登录到,以确保您的tweet显示在您的Twitter个人资料。如果是这样,你已经正确添加您的 手机。但是,你将无法接收任何信息从该号码。

  4. 附原相关条款原文如下,可自行翻译:

    Long codes and how to use them:If your country and carrier are not listed as having a short code, you can use one of the following one-way long codes to post messages to Twitter only. You will not be able to receive Tweets to your phone through this channel, however.UK : +447624800379GERMANY: +491724403473FINLAND : +3584573950042Note: Subscribers may be charged international message rates using these codes.To add your phone to your Twitter profile via long code: Send a text message to the correct long code listed above with the word START.Next, text YES to the Twitter long code.Text your username to the same number. Do not use the @ symbol or quotation marks. Send your username ONLY, for example: larrybirdNext, text your password. This is case sensitive, so be sure you are sending your password correctly.That’s it! You’re ready to go!Note: Make sure to wait a few minutes between each step to make sure Twitter is receiving your messages correctly.To test if you have correctly added your phone, send a test Tweet to your long code number (just like sending a normal text message). Then, log in to via the web to make sure your Tweet shows up on your Twitter profile. If it does, you have correctly added your phone. Once again, you will not be able to receive any texts back from a long code.How to tweet from your phone if your carrier is not listed:If your carrier is not listed on our short codes page, first see if you are able to use one of the one-way long codes listed above to post messages to Twitter. We’re working on getting more local short codes for other places, and we update our list as they become available. If you travel out of the country, check with your mobile provider to see if they route text messages to local short codes. Follow @twittermobile for more updates.



  • 用国内手机号向国外发送短信是注意号码格式为:【国际冠字+国家代码+手机号码】,如以第一个英国为例:00447624800379
  • 为确保Twitter成功记录,短信内容请逐条发送,并注意短信之间最好间隔一段时间再发~

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